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Looking for a stay in Novi Pazar in totaly new hotel with delicate touch of luxory in a comfort rooms fully equipted for your enjoyable stay? Look no further becouse at the very enterance to Novi Pazar modern buidling of our hotel waiting for you.


22 rooms


24 beds / 44 persons

On site facilities

Free high speed wi-fi
free parking
snak bar
24/7 reception desk
Laundry, ironing & dry cleaning
Eco friendly hotel
exchange office
meeting & conference facilities
24h security & video surveillance

close to the attractions

Perfect location

The remains of the medieval architecture of this region are of great national, regional and international importance. Apart from exceptional cultural values and buildings under UNESCO protection, Novi Pazar is surrounded by several nature parks and national reserves.

The influence of Turkey is visible both in the architecture and in the gastronomy of Novi Pazar. You must not end your visit until you have tried the famous kebabs and manti, specialties that have almost become the emblem of this region.


+381 20 123456

2 km away

Altun-Alem Mosque

2 km away

Novi Pazar Fortress

2 km away

Novi Pazar Downtown

65 km away

Nature Reserve Uvac

3.2 km away

Old town Ras

2.5 km away

The Church of the St. Peter & St.Paul

15 km away

The Sopocani Monastery

6.5 km away

The Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery

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Enjoy a Luxury

Whether you are passing through or visiting Novi Pazar for several days, you will find everything you need for an extraordinary stay at the 4-star Hotel Pasha, ideal both for business or lessure guests.


+381 20 123456


We are perfectly located newly opened 4 star hotel in Novi Pazar looking to welcome you for your luxurious and comfortable stay


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